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Dainik Jagran 13-1-20

Dainik Jagran 12-1-20

Hiundustan 12-1-20

Amar Ujala 12-1-2020

Dainik Jagran 12-1-20

Amar Ujala 8-1-2020

Amar Ujala 13-1-2020

Vidhan Kesari 4-1-2020

Vidhan Kesari 4-1-2020

Hindustan 18-12-19

Vidhan Kesari 4-1-2020

Hindustan 8-12-19

Amar Ukala 8-12-19

Hindustan 4-12-19

Hindustan 7-12-19

Amar Ujala 4-12-19

Dainik Jagran 4-12-19

Hindustan 24-11-19

Hindustan 3-12-19

Amar Ujala 24-11-19

Hindustan 24-11-19

Hindustan 21-11-19

Dainik Jagran 24-11-19

Amar Ujala 21-11-19

Dainik Jagran 21-11-19

Dainik Jagran 17-11-19

Hindustan 17-11-19

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Amar Ujala 17-11-19

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Amar Ujala 14-11-91

Dainik Jagran 14-11-19

Hindustan 7-11-19

Hindustan 8-11-19

Hindustan 5-11-19

Dainik Jagran 8-11-19

Dainik Jagran 3-11-19

Hinduatan 3-11-19

Dainik Jagran 1-11-19

Hindustan 1-11-19

Amar Ujala 26-10-19

Hindustan 26-10-19

Amar Ujala 22-10-19

Hindustan 22-10-19

Hindustan 22-10-19

Hinduatan 20-10-19

Dainik Jagran 21-10-19

Amar Ujala 20-10-19

Dainik Jagran 20-10-19

Amar Ujala 20-10-19

Hindustan 21-10-19

Hindustan 18-10-19

Hindustan 19-10-19

Hindustan 16-10-19

Dainik Jagran 16-10-19

Amar Ujala 16-10-19

Dainik jagran 16-10-19

Hindustan 15-10-19

Dainik Jagran 15-10-19

Hindustan 9-10-19

Dainik Jagran 13-10-19

Dainik Jagran 6-10-19

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Hindustan 6-10-19

Hindustan 7-10-19

Hindustan 3-10-19

Hindustan 4-10-19

Dainik Jagran 3-10-19

Hindustan 2-10-19

Dainik Jagran 1-10-19

Hindustan 1-10-19

Amar Ujala 19-7-19

Amar Ujala

Amar Ujala 22-7-19

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Amar Ujala-27-7-19

Amar Ujala 28-7-19

Amar Ujala 23-7-19

Dainik Jagran 14-7-19

Danik Jagran 23-7-19

Dainik Jagran 27-7-19

Danik Jagran 27-7-19

Hinduatan 30-7-19

Danik Jagran 31-7-19

Hinduatan 19-7-19

Hindustan 24-7-19

Hinduatan 28-7-19

Dainik Jagran 3-8-19

Amar Ujala 4-8-10

Amar Ujala 6-8-19

Danik Jagran 6-8-19

Danik Jagran 9-8-19

Hindustan 9-8-19

Danik Jagran 10-8-19

Danik Jagran 10-8-19

Amar ujala 21-8-19

Amar Ujala 22-8-19

Hindustan 22-8-19

Dainik Jagran 27-8-19

Hinduatan 28-8-19

Amar Ujala 29-8-19

Amar Ujala 31-8-19

Dainik Jagran 31-8-19

Utter Kesari 31-8-19

Hindustan 31-8-19

Hindustan 6-9-19

Amar Ujala 8-8-19

Dainik Jagran 8-9-19

Dainik Jagran 8-9-19

Hindustan 8-9-19

Hindustan 9-9-19

Dainik Jagran 18-9-19

Hindustan 18-9-19

Dainik Jagran 19-9-19

AmarUjala 22-9-193

Danik Jagran 22-9-19

Hindustan 22-9-19

Hindustan 23-9-19

Danik Jagran 23-9-19

Hindustan 24-9-19

Hindustan 24-9-19

Amar Ujala 25-9-19

Dainik Jagran 25-9-19

Amar Ujala 26-9-19

Danik Jagran 26-9-19

Hindustan 26-9-19

Hindustan 26-9-19

Amar Ujala 27-9-19

Hindustan 27-9-19

Amar Ujala 28-9-19

Dainik Jagran 28-9-19

Hindustan 28-9-19

Amar Ujala 29-9-10

Amar Ujala 29-9-19

Hindustan 29-9-19

Hindustan 30-9-19

Amar Ujala 1-10-19

Tech Mahindra Selection 2019-20 batch

Where there is a will there is a way, this has to be proved by MIT Management , Director ,TPO, Faculty , staff and specially our Talent i.e students, 75 has got selection in Tech Mahindra. We all wish him/her for their future life….

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Outcome Based Pedagogic Principles FDP by ECE

Five day Faculty Development program from December 3rd to 7th, 2019 on “Outcome Based Pedagogic Principles for Effective Teaching” Sponsored by TEQIP-II and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow The faculty development program aims to cover detailed sessions on outcome based pedagogic principles for effective teaching. It is dealing with Outcome based Education System. The key objective of this program is to introduce the topic in a different perspective and to impart better knowledge and understanding of this important…

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Two Week Faculty Development Program

Dr. A. C. Mathur, ISRO, Ahmedabad delivered an expert talk on 12th day (03/12/2019) SPACE Mechanical Engineering and Glimpses of valedictory session of FDP in mechanical engineering department by respected director of MIT, Dr. Rohit Garg Industrial exposure in Metal Handicrafts Service Centre Moradabad (Govt. of India), Dr. Ravindra Kumar, GM MHSC Moradabad, Talk on different metal finishing and testing processes during 11th day of FDP in Mechanical Engineering Department, MIT Moradabad Dr. Meghanshu Vashista, IIT BHU, delivered an expert talk…

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AKTU First Foundation Day 26 July, 2019

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, celebrates the first foundation day on 26 July, 2019. Sh. Yogi Adityanath (Chief Minister U.P ) was the chief guest, Sh. Ashutosh Tandon Gopal Ji, Sh.Sandeep Singh, Prof. (Dr.) Durg SinghChauhan (Former VC AKTU), Dr. Vinay Kumar Pathak (Vice Chancellor AKTU) was present on this occasion. Here University Awards MIT Management for delivering the quality education in society. University also awards faculty who are working in the same institute more then last 20…

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Vice Chancellor AKTU Visit


Honorable Vice Chancellor AKTU says that MOOC’s courses and e-general are very helpful in technical study as well as felicitated the students of MIT Moradabad got placement in the Different software companies like TCS, Wipro etc. Learn More

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Newly Introduced Industry oriented B.Voc Courses

Approved from AICTE for 25 intake each in 4 Engineering Disciplines vide F.No. Northern/2018/1-3512392367 Read More Automotive Manufacturing Technology About the Program Automotive Manufacturing Technology is a branch of vehicle engineering making ample use of safety, mechanical, electronic, electrical and software engineering in the design, manufacture and operations of heavy and light vehicles and their subsystems. It is also employed to innovate modifications of vehicles. This field of study is research intensive and has considerable use of mathematical formulae and…

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